We should never forget Sheikh Zayed’s contribution

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The Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan's Portrait. (Courtesy Al Ittihad) Portrait of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. (Courtesy Al Ittihad)
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Sheikh Zayed is a true hero (2018 declared 'Year of Zayed', August 7). He was respected and held in high regard, not just by people in the UAE, but also those outside the region.

The Year of Zayed is a fitting tribute to the leader who dedicated his life to this country and its people. It’s Sheikh Zayed’s visionary leadership that has taken the UAE to success and progress. There is no doubt that this country will continue to attain new heights, but we should remember that all this would not have been possible had Sheikh Zayed not laid down such a robust foundation for the country.

Mohammed Irshad, India

If something seems too good to be true, then perhaps it is

People just don't learn (How the Bar Works mastermind made a career of duping investors, August 7). After Renwick Haddow, there will be another hundred trying to take people's money. And after them another thousand doing the same. Put your greed away and engage the brain first. If it looks too good to be true, then it is too good to be true!

Dave Pryce, Abu Dhabi

Drivers ought to carry safety kit in their cars

I refer to your article, High temperatures cause spate of car fires in UAE (August 4). My father taught me 30 years ago to check every day the engine coolant, oil, tyre pressure, emergency medical kit and jumper cables. He also told me that a car should be serviced every thee months.

Carry fire blankets, a fire extinguisher and always have a boot full of water. This is not rocket science; it is logical thinking. If one doesn’t know this and doesn’t carry a full kit in the car ­– from towropes to tyre gauges – one shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car at all.

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi

Gulf states must actively try to stop Iran’s domination of Iraq

Your article, Why time was right for Iraq and Saudi Arabia to focus on common enemies (August 4), was excellent. In my personal opinion, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are well served to actively identify and reach out to influential Iraqi Shia leaders willing to resist Iran's domination of Iraq.

DT Debye, Dubai