The Hyperloop is welcome, but it should be affordable

Readers discuss Hyperloop, Justin Trudeau in India, VAT and Oman

"The transportation machine looks like a large pneumatic tube."  Antonie Robertson / The National
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I refer to your article Dubai to Abu Dhabi commute in 15 minutes? Time to believe the hype (February 22). The transportation machine looks like a large pneumatic tube that old supermarkets used to send cash to their back offices with.

Sarah Ruth Grace Woodward, UK

What will a ticket cost when the new transport system is ready? If it's Dh400 one-way, it won't be affordable for daily commuters.

Samer Bou-Aoun, UAE

Making it harder to visit Oman makes no sense

I write in reference to your article Omani businesses angered by new visa rules (February 22). I cannot understand the logic of making it harder for tourists to get into Oman.

Name withheld by request 

The UAE's least-corrupt status is laudable

I refer to your article UAE least corrupt in Mena region, league table finds (22 February). It is indeed laudable that the UAE, as the article tells us, is the least corrupt country in this region, receiving a joint 21 rank out of 180 countries with a score of 71. It is worth noting that the UAE scored higher than a number of European countries, including France, Portugal and Spain. The country has witnessed tremendous growth in all areas in recent years. The fact that it is now shown to be one of the least corrupt societies in the world is testament to the spirit that animates the country's progress. Kudos to the UAE.

K Ragavan, Bangalore 

What's wrong with Justin Trudeau doing bhangra? 

I refer to your article "Modi hugs Trudeau amid India-Canada invitation embarrassment" (23 February). It is unfortunate that the visit of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has got mired in preventable controversies in India. The Government of India has been taciturn and his welcome has been muted. Mr Trudeau is the Prime Minister of a large country and deserves due respect. Of the 35 million population of Canada, about 1.4 million are of Indian origin. Perhaps Mr Trudeau did not appreciate the strength of India's feelings on some issues. It was wretched to see a foreign VIP guest travel across the country with his beautiful family, with minimal official reception. I am sure he and his wife were upset, but they were too chivalrous to show it. Some have even criticised Mr Trudeau for having danced to the Punjabi bhangra drum beats at a reception in New Delhi. The disparagement is frivolous. Why shouldn't a Prime Minister be allowed to enjoy himself?

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

It is good that the authorities are watching price hikes

I write in reference to your article VAT inspectors shut down 15 Abu Dhabi businesses for using tax as excuse to hike prices (February 20). It was a good piece. Price-hiking is a game that some unscrupulous people love; many will find even the smallest excuse to go for it. Constant vigilance is needed in the face of this problem.

Name withheld by request