Pet owners: act responsibly towards your furry friends

Lonely Loris was found abandoned in Dubai. Courtesy: The Green Planet
Lonely Loris was found abandoned in Dubai. Courtesy: The Green Planet

I write to you in reference to Katy Gillett’s article Abandoned ‘Lonely Loris’ finds the perfect breeding partner at The Green Planet Dubai (June 2). I find it infuriating that people would simply choose to discard such a lovable pet as though it were a mere object. This is shocking behaviour that should be punished with a fine. If people are unable to look after their pets, they should not be allowed to own them. Perhaps tougher regulation of slow loris ownership will curb this sad trend.

Y Eastwood, UK

We need more scientists to save our precious planet

I write to you in reference to your editorial Science will yield solutions for world’s problems (June 1). This was a pleasant read, which gave me insight into science’s limitless possibilities and the importance of research to solve pressing issues such as climate change.

Nowadays, students prefer to study business and engineering, as these are professions that guarantee employment. However, it is crucial that we encourage the young generation to pursue scientific careers. The world needs more scientists and innovators. They are the ones who are able to conduct research into sustainable energy sources and improve food security around the world. Finding creative solutions to the planet’s most difficult problems is more essential than ever.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

UK-US meeting comes as both face huge difficulties

I write to you in reference to Jack Dutton’s article May: Trump visit will be a chance to strengthen ‘special relationship’ (June 3). I find this meeting quite pointless. Theresa May, the UK’s prime minister, has resigned from her position and is about to step down. Meanwhile US president Donald Trump could face impeachment.

From my point of view, it is absurd for the two countries to hold this state visit now. The meeting is only going to bring together a leader who is about to quit and another who might be impeached.

Niloufer Mirza, India

Donald Trump has been accused of intervening in British affairs after expressing pro-Brexit views. This is something I totally disagree with. I do not believe his comments qualify as an attempt to intervene in another country’s affairs. Other world leaders have expressed their views on this grave matter and Mr Trump has the right to speak his mind when asked about Brexit. I’m no fan of Mr Trump’s policies and I do not agree with everything he does – but this is absurd.

Name withheld by request

Published: June 3, 2019 06:30 PM


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