Dubai Metro has made residents’ lives better for the past 10 years

Our readers have their say about the Dubai Metro, our cartoons, Brexit and tech savvy banks

DUBAI.2nd September 2009. The Dubai Metro passes past Dubai Marina yesterday (weds) a week before its opening on 9th September.  Stephen Lock  /  The National . *** Local Caption ***  SL-metro-001.jpg
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I write to you in reference to your editorial Dubai Metro still going strong 10 years on (September 9).

This editorial was nicely written and I was really happy to read about the Dubai Metro’s history.

Before I left the UAE in 2009, I happened to take a metro ride right when the metro was launched and I quite liked it.

It’s convenient and the wagons are always clean.

Today many new lines have been added and it is really a boon for Dubai residents, as they are blessed with many public transportation options. The dream of Dubai Ruler and Vice President of the UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, which is to connect the rail networks across the country is finally coming true.

Kudos to Dubai Metro for a decade of excellence.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Kudos to Shadi Ghanim for his inspiring and witty cartoons

I write to you in reference to your daily cartoons.

I think the cartoons that get published in The National are at par with the New Yorker ones. Shadi Ghanim is truly a brilliant cartoonist.

Name withheld by request

Brexit policies have been the rise and fall of British politicians

I write to you in reference to Damien McElroy's opinion piece Brexit: twists and turns have led to one of the bloodiest weeks in British politics (September 7).

Indeed, the failure of Brexit created Theresexit and perhaps Borisexit may follow soon.

Long Live David Cameron for all these exits.

Nazim Hasan Khan, India

Abu Dhabi’s banks are becoming more and more technology savvy

I write to you in reference to Alkesh Sharma's article GCC banks getting better with tech adoption, S&P says (September 9).

This is good news. I hope that Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank will join Apple Pay and offer contactless payment on debit card like their competitors.

Zahid Khokhar, Abu Dhabi