Articles explaining why Brexit is wrong are failing to make the case

Our readers have their say about Brexit, Sheikh Sultan's demise and soldiers fighting to defend their borders

Pedestrians pass through the border crossing with Spain into Gibraltar, on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019. With the U.K.’s European Union exit date just four weeks away and no deal in sight to ensure smooth connections with the Spanish mainland, Gibraltar has been thrown into disarray. Photographer: Marcelo del Pozo/Bloomberg
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I have spent quite a long time reading and re-reading Gavin Esler's article For British territories, Brexit will amount to being cut off from Westminster (November 18)  to try to find out how Brexit will cut off Gibraltar from Britain. But beyond his assertion that it will, I can't find his argument.

From a common-sense perspective, the contrary seems more likely. For years now, we have had to put up with articles such as these, explaining why Brexit is wrong – but failing to make the case effectively, if at all. I look forward to Brexit, when Britain can re-focus on forging friendships with countries across the globe such as the UAE, based not on post-imperial miasma but on proven historic affinity.

Jonathan Campbell-James, London

Sheikh Sultan played a vital role in the UAE’s vibrant leadership

I write in reference to your article Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed to be buried in Abu Dhabi today (November 20): Sheikh Sultan was tasked with the responsibility of managing presidential matters by none other than Sheikh Zayed, the Founding Father, even as he played a vital role in the long-term development of this oil-rich country.

Sheikh Sultan also worked with the UAE President, Sheikh Khalifa, as they went about transforming what was desert land into a green-cloaked country. At the same time, he also convinced an aspiring nation of the importance of going to outer space.

His demise has left a vacuum in the UAE’s leadership. May his soul rest in peace.

Najath Manzil Ahmed, Nadapuram

It is thanks to the soldiers that we can sleep peacefully at night

I write in reference to Ruba Haza's article UAE Armed Forces announces death of Emirati serviceman (November 14): we have been taught – and rightly so – to respect the soldiers who put their lives on the line for the protection of the countries they defend. They sacrifice everything without thinking twice.

Imagine a country without armies or soldiers; no one is safe as there is no peace. When I hear stories about death and destruction in Syria, Yemen and other countries, I feel privileged to have brave soldiers keeping us safe and secure. It is because of them that we can sleep peacefully at night. I therefore salute our soldiers and martyrs ahead of Martyrs’ Day later this month.

Lamiya Siraj, Abu Dhabi