A three-day weekend could benefit bosses and workers

Our readers have their say on the four-day week, discrimnation and the elderly

Shot of a businesswoman experiencing stress at work
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I write in reference to your article A three-day weekend could boost productivity all round (September 14): The National's editorial article on the virtues of a four-day week was an interesting read and offered a very logical argument. In the past, people advocated for a one-day weekend and then that was changed to two days. Now research reveals that a three-day weekend would boost productivity and morale in the workplace.

Already the Bosch engineering firm in the UAE has said it would consider introducing this concept. But the question remains: will they increase working hours on the four days that their employees actually do work?

A three-day weekend would certainly allow employees to recharge fully before returning to work. And once the mind is stress-free, productivity would certainly increase, with positive consequences for companies. It remains to be seen whether this will be accepted globally.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

First of all, the authorities should make it mandatory to give employees a two-day weekend in all sectors. That would boost the economy. Then we can think about the benefits of a three-day weekend.

Deepak Joseph, Abu Dhabi

Personally I don’t want a four-day working week. I am very happy working five days, with a two-day weekend.

Mariam Mairaj, Sharjah

We should all treat the elderly with respect, not abuse

I felt pain and anguish on reading HelpAge India’s nationwide report into abuse of the elderly. It stated that 56 per cent of the elderly faced disrespect at home, 49 per cent dealt with verbal abuse and 12 per cent were physical abused.

The parent-child relationship is sacred and should be hallowed by its very nature. How can this relationship of the umbilical cord turn so bitter? If we ever think of the contributions our elders make to our lives, our hearts should overflow with gratitude, wherever we are in the world.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

We must end discrimination in all employment sectors

I write in reference to Saeed Saeed's column The discriminating UAE job ad got me thinking (September 14): this piece was beautifully written. However, I do not think it is not true that there is no discrimination in his chosen profession of journalism.

One glance at some of the advertisements for “native English speakers” for editorial positions should prove that.

Unaima Tinwala, Dubai

This discriminatory mentality needs to be eradicated. It is pervasive and doesn’t only apply to employment.

Mariana De Carli, Dubai