The callousness of Nikki Haley

Our readers have their say on a remark by the former governor of South Carolina in Israel, public education overhaul in the UAE, bus shelters in Abu Dhabi and the team that won the IPL

Nikki Haley at a news conference in Sderot, Israel, on May 27. Bloomberg
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In reference to Jihan Abdalla's report Nikki Haley writes 'finish them' on Israeli missile intended to be dropped on Gaza (May 29): This is such a shame and deeply offensive to the people in Gaza and the families of over 37,000 people who have been killed since October and the over 110,000 people injured. It goes beyond poor taste.

Michael Borg, Dubai

Revamping public education in the UAE

With regard to Shireena Al Nowais's story Sarah Al Amiri: UAE plans major overhaul of government schools (May 30): Interesting article and the minister's right. National ambition requires better education and better teachers. As Ms Al Amiri says, we need to start thinking differently, also about how to expand the career prospects of teachers. Public education cannot be compromised.

Erwin Van Helden, Dubai

Bus shelters in Reem Island

In relation to your earlier report Abu Dhabi announces new bus fares and routes (February 28): I am writing to draw attention to the lack of adequate bus shelters in certain areas, specifically Reem Island. Every day, thousands of bus commuters rely on public transportation. While residents appreciate the efforts of the Abu Dhabi transport authority in establishing many air-conditioned bus shelters in the main city, there is a lack in some of the newly developed areas of Abu Dhabi, such as Reem Island.

Gitanjali Saxena, Abu Dhabi

The team that won the IPL after 10 years

In reference to Ajit Vijaykumar's report IPL 2024 team of the season: KKR players dominate after victorious campaign (May 27): The IPL cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders's victory – after winning in 2012 and 2014 – against Sunrisers Hyderabad was great to watch. Despite SRH's earlier matches and a good score, it was surprising how they failed to perform well in the final.

KKR also had a strong team under Shreyas Iyer and he proved his leadership mettle. Probably if SRH Skipper Pat Cummins chose to bowl things could have gone differently.Cricket is however also a game of luck and this time after a decade KKR won the trophy. They deserve it for their consistency. Kudos to Shreyas Iyer and his team on a great victory.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Published: May 31, 2024, 3:00 AM