Rain in the UAE: a sensible approach to ease traffic

Our readers have their say on rain in the UAE, the denial of full UN membership for Palestine, World Central Kitchen re-starting operations and the Indian cricket squad

Traffic on the water logged road around Discovery Gardens and Al Furjan area in Dubai. Pawan Singh / The National
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Sensible preparations for rain in the UAE

With regard to the report UAE weather: Abu Dhabi and Dubai hit by heavy rain and thunder (May 02): I was enjoying the rain this time around. It eased the heat and it wasn't as bad as the last spell. I appreciate the UAE's information and notice drive and the alerts residents received on their phones. It was a sensible move to allow remote learning and work over to ease the traffic on the roads.

Melanie K, Abu Dhabi

Palestine denied UN membership

In reference to Thomas Watkins's article US defends veto of Palestinian bid for full UN membership (May 01): All this talk of international peace, security and the UN charter but the US has come across as the polar opposite of these values in the past eight months. The US can't really claim to be pro-peace anymore. For that Biden would have to reverse the Israel policies drastically.

Jane McBride, Sacramento, US

It's unfortunate that even as the UN exists, there is increasing conflict and the use of veto power to protect some politicians obviously on the wrong side of international law.

Roshan Jamal, Frankfurt, Germany

Palestinian statehood should be a given, instead of these discussions around whether or not they qualify for it. The pure audacity of keeping something away from people simply to steal their land from under them for another nation's glory is twisted. There should be no debate. Palestine is already regarded as a state in many quarters, it should be officially recognised too so that Israel's illegal occupation and war can finally come to an end.

Diego San M, Kinshasa, Congo

Respect for the World Central kitchen

With reference to Jihan Abdalla's report Decision to resume Gaza work is 'hardest and simplest', World Central Kitchen founder says (April 30): I admire the people who took this decision. It takes courage to resume work so soon after the devastating attacks on their colleagues. Gazans are being brutalised by war and these guys are doing more than their bit to prevent famine. They deserve all the international support.

Majd Karim, Dubai

A careful cricket team selection

Regarding the report India expected to play it safe with T20 World Cup 2024 squad selection (April 30): This was an interesting read. The selection of players for June has been done sensibly and with care, taking their present form into account in the T20. Rohit Sharma will lead the team with other players - Sanju Samson, Virat Kohli adding strength to make the team even more powerful and poised to win the T20 World Cup. Wishing them all the best for the Caribbean and US tour.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Published: May 03, 2024, 3:00 AM