Hoping for the Israel-Gaza truce to hold

Our readers have their say on rebuilding Palestinian homes and infrastructure, the celebrations around a staple Palestinian dish, and the joy of a successful tunnel rescue mission in India's Uttarakhand state

Newly released activist Ahed Tamimi (R) is greeted by relatives during a welcome ceremony following the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails in exchange for Israeli hostages held in Gaza by Hamas AFP
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With regard to Fareed Rahman's report War has brought ‘complete collapse’ of Gaza’s economy (22 November): It is upsetting to see pictures of people stroll through the debris of their damaged homes, possibly wondering how such losses can be covered and who should bear the responsibility for the whole thing. The destruction brought about by the Israel-Gaza war is a grave tragedy. In other parts of the world, humanity has advanced greatly and reached the Moon. Palestinians stand a similar chance of progress if there was a permanent solution to this conflict, not just a temporary truce.

Palestinians will face enormous challenges in restoring collapsed businesses and residential structures, resulting in massive debt. Major financial support will be needed. The UN and other developed nations who care about the Palestinian people must provide financial assistance for recovery and rebuilding. As future generations will sadly discover, it could take many years, even decades to alter this situation.

Ramachandran Nair, Muscat, Oman

A Palestinian gathering around a traditional dish

With reference to the video by Palestinian journalist Motaz Azaiza "Maqluba is our resilience," (November 29) about sharing the traditional Palestinian dish with his family and friends: This was heartwarming to see. They deserve to celebrate the ceasefire. May God bless and protect them all.

Jenny Husain, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

What a strong sense of nationhood. I have respect and deep admiration for the resilience and endurance they have shown, not just in the past seven weeks but the past many decades. May the truce stretch further and there be peace.

San Qaiser, Dubai

The challenge of the Indian tunnel rescue

In reference to The National's report Uttarakhand tunnel: Rescuers save all 41 trapped Indian workers (November 28): This was a massive effort from the state government to rescue the trapped men. After the repeated attempts made since November 12 to get them out alive, this was heartening news.

Kudos to the administrations of both state and centre and the various teams involved in the rescue operations, as also the medical team and doctors for their excellent service. It was a delicate and complicated operation. Water and food was sent to the men through a small shaft, keeping the men alive and staving off death and dehydration. It was good to see the photographs of people rejoicing and with such relief on their faces.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Published: December 01, 2023, 3:00 AM