Doubts over self-service petrol stations

Readers appreciate the idea of self-service petrol stations. Other topics: dashcam, car park, ABu Dhabi guide, cats, start-ups

Readers appreciate the idea of self-service petrol stations. Sammy Dallal / The National
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I am not sure how well "smart" petrol stations will go down in the heat of the summer (Self-service petrol stations coming to Abu Dhabi, February 3). However, I'd welcome it as I often get queue-jumped having a saloon as opposed to a juggernaut of a vehicle at petrol stations. These types of cars muscle in by reversing into the pump from the Adnoc shop, instead of waiting in the queue.

Name withheld by request

This plan is unlikely to succeed, as many people will not get out of their cars to fill their tank. I hope no one loses his job as a result of this plan.

Asma A Khan, Abu Dhabi

Dashcams are prone to abuse

If dashcams could be used to reduce insurance premiums as they do in the UK, then that would be great (UAE's Federal Traffic Council pushes for clear law allowing use of dashcams, February 3).

However, as with all great initiatives that are meant for the greater good, there are unfortunately those who will exploit the use of dashcams for inappropriate purposes causing even more work for the police.

Where this occurs, tough penalties should be applied with no exceptions.

Name withheld by request

Another issue with parking

I understand the concern over Mawaqif car parks (Taxis cause inconvenience to residents, February 3). I had a situation once where, because of construction, a driver had parked over a line and so close to my car that I couldn't get in.

Mawaqif inspectors said it was parked legally in a Mawaqif spot so there was nothing they could do. Police said it was a Mawaqif area so there was nothing they could do either.

I had to wait an hour for the person to come and move his car. This is a big loophole that needs to be closed.

Erica Wiegand, Abu Dhabi

Real experience of our city

In response to your question on Facebook – if you were to write a guidebook to Abu Dhabi, what would you include (Where should you go to find the soul of this city? January 29)? – I'd recommend a walking tour guided in part by The Abu Dhabi Guide to Modern Architecture, written by the students of New York University Abu Dhabi and edited by Pascal Menoret. You'll see a lot of buildings "off the beaten path", and a lot of history, and make unexpected discoveries on the way.

Matt MacLean, Abu Dhabi

I would recommend Heritage Village and the old Cultural Foundation.

Nitin A Salam, Abu Dhabi

A tour of different restaurants of different price ranges across the city would be an interesting feature.

Samia Iftekhar, Abu Dhabi

Treat cats with sympathy

Regarding the story Photo of cat eating shawarma leads to cafe closure in Umm Al Quwain (January 28), I hope no harm was inflicted on the cat as it must have been hungry. It's sad to see so many street cats here. I admire people who help them.

Michelle Hyam, Dubai

Start-ups need more support

The editorial Amending the laws will help start-ups grow (January 27) was excellent. It is about time that the white elephant in the room is identified.

With oil at around $30, the pressure is greater than ever to facilitate and support innovation and entrepreneurship in this country.

Modify the onerous cost and legal hurdles that inhibit free market competition and allow the UAE to be repositioned as a regional destination for entrepreneurs.

This country is an island of stability in the region and is a natural centre of gravity for commerce, but the current legal framework creates a comparative handicap for the country’s SMEs and start-ups in relation to their global counterparts.

Bernard Lee, Dubai