A reader is pleased that 33 circus lions are being sent to a reserve in Africa. Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
A reader is pleased that 33 circus lions are being sent to a reserve in Africa. Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Circus lions are going home

Thank you for your online World in Focus picture gallery (May 2) featuring one of the 33 circus lions that have been rescued from Peru and Colombia and will be resettled at a privately owned wildlife reserve in Johannesburg.

I am so glad that these lions can come home to Africa where they belong after the disgusting way they were treated.

I might go and visit them in a year when they are settled. Paul Bruwer, Dubai

Teachers should meet high standards

Having a standard licence for all teachers is a great idea (UAE-wide teacher licensing scheme to begin in 2017, minister says, May 2).

Some schools hire teachers with no background in education for the sole reason that they are native English speakers. They often get better salary packages and benefits than their colleagues.

This new licensing scheme will ensure that the person teaching your children is qualified to do so.

Hind Saoud, Abu Dhabi

Marriage can be a challenge

Marriage isn't just about getting a licence (Marriage might be the best way to beat depression, May 1).

Marriage is an ongoing process. No marriage is perfect. It’s how you get along and get accustomed to one another.

If you can’t stick to your commitments that’s where the problems start to arise. It is your personal choice whether you want to remain single for the rest of your life.

As for happiness, who is happy? I have been married for five years but have no children. I should be gloomy about that, but I believe that there is a time for everything. In relationships, patience is a virtue.

Don’t marry simply to please someone else, impress society or for the sake of it. Do it from your heart. Otherwise, stay single.

Matthew Litty, Dubai

Marriage was never meant to be easy. It is emotionally difficult work, but it is worth it.

Zvezda Ivanova, Dubai

Being married or single is a personal choice and has absolutely nothing to do with how happy or depressed an individual may be. To associate marriage with happiness seems illogical to me.

People these days are delaying marriage, not because they enjoy being single but because they are becoming increasingly competitive and career-orientated. This is true for both men and women.

In the process of becoming successful and independent, many people remain unmarried. Meanwhile, countless marriages fail for the same reason. Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Shawarma is a healthy option

It was interesting to read your editorial about how people defeated moves in Moscow to close down shops selling one of the UAE's favourite foods (A war on shawarma, May 1).

Shawarma is a staple food in the Middle East. It is difficult to imagine life without these delicious wraps filled with chicken or other meat.

I’d rather support a ban on sugar than this simple snack that is a favourite worldwide.

Name withheld by request

There are more important issues to unite people.

If this happened because of shawarma, why doesn’t it happen for serious issues?

Kristina Margit, Dubai

As long as they are not thinking of banning shawarma in the UAE, I’m good. I have no plans to go to Russia.

Jeff Aboularage, Dubai

I think we should focus on banning unhealthy types of fast food.

Name withheld by request

A way to make signage better

I refer to the news item New street names represent UAE culture and values (May 1).

It would be great if the authorities could add a small plaque to each sign with an explanation of the name, honoured person or event referenced.

We expatriates might still struggle with the pronunciation, but at least we would learn something about the UAE.

They do this in some German cities and visitors love it.

Wiltrud Matthes, Dubai

I agree that the street names can be difficult for expatriates, but that is our challenge.

Chris Reid, Dubai