Black Friday deals?

The annual American shopping festival is fast becoming part of the global calendar

Shoppers stand in a checkout line during Black Friday sales at store in California. David McNew / Reuters
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The once uniquely American tradition of Black Friday is now a bona fide global event. After the holiday of Thanksgiving – celebrated on the final Thursday of November – Americans venture out to shops and malls eager to take advantage of special deals. In recent years, many Americans have been doing their shopping online, which has seen the emergence of a new event dubbed Cyber Monday.

Closer to home, many of our shops have joined the festivities with their own Black Friday deals. And last week, The National reported that the online mega-retailer was exploring a bid to purchase for Dh3.67 billion. Such a purchase would herald a new era in online shopping in the Middle East. It would also cement the trend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events in this region.

Whether or not we understand the history of Black Friday, it is clear that the global commerce space has consolidated so much that we all can grab a bargain. This is great news for shoppers.