The UAE's resilience in the face of a storm

Our readers have their say on the Dubai rains, GCC partnerships and the pro-Palestinian protests on US campuses

Workers clear a road following floods caused by heavy rains in Dubai, on April 19. Bloomberg
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With regard to the editorial How people power helped the UAE weather the storm (April 23): The piece rightly mentioned that this event will linger in people's minds for years to come. Going ahead, as stated in the editorial, climate preparedness must be a factor in a city planning to face future challenges. It was impressive nonetheless that the city was able to get back to its feet in such a short time, considering the amount it rained. Air travel was naturally impacted but it was managed efficiently all in all, considering the weather disturbances. Kudos to UAE authorities for taking so many initiatives to help the people.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

The GCC's focus on sustainability

With reference to Fareed Rahman's article UAE and Oman set up investment partnerships worth $35bn (April 24): The GCC countries deserve praise for their efforts to create sustainable living conditions. The emphasis of the GCC countries on creating certain energy and industrial projects as a means of increasing employment and reducing reliance on oil in the future is a smart move.

It is commendable that future projects have a focus on sustainability and the attempt is to prevent harmful effects on the environment. Because of how quickly the weather has changed in this region of the world in recent years, there are also prospects to address additional water storage, such as building dams that can gradually convert to producing power, and increasing agricultural land to reduce reliance on importing food staples.

Another approach to improve connectivity between the GCC countries is through the proposed rail network, which will enable freight and passengers to commute more quickly and reach their destinations. There will undoubtedly be additional tourism initiatives in the area in the near future as a result of improved passenger connections.

The guidance and leadership in the GCC is what will eventually raise people's standards of living even more.

Ramachandran Nair, Muscat, Oman

Pro-Palestine protests in the US

With reference to the podcast on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemning pro-Palestine protests being held at US universities (April 25): Benjamin Netanyahu may say that “more has to be done” to stop them but the US still has something called the First Amendment and only the US government can decide on matters related to American law. Assuming a prime minister of a different country can dictate otherwise is an outrage.

Virginia Abugattas, New Jersey, US

I salute the American common people who are standing with Gaza and Palestinians in solidarity. Israeli occupation must end. Palestine has the right to be free.

Hamid K Mohamad, Ontario, Canada

Published: April 26, 2024, 3:00 AM