Dubai Ambulance called to assist more than 235,000 cases in 2023

Number includes 69,647 emergencies and 26,816 non-emergency cases requiring hospital care

Dubai has added 12 new ambulance points across the emirate. Photo: Nawal Al Ramahi
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Dubai Ambulance teams responded to emergencies involving 235,394 people last year and reduced the average response time to 7.5 minutes, a 13 per cent improvement from 2022.

It also saved 90 people suffering from cardiac arrests, marking a 21 per cent increase in life-saving operations, according to the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.

Teams responded to a wide range of cases from minor to critical. Of the 235,394 total responses, Dubai Ambulance crews transported 69,647 emergency cases and 26,816 non-emergency cases to both government and private healthcare facilities. Other casualties were treated at the scene.

Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, chairman of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, said 12 new ambulance points were introduced across the emirate.

“The organisation has become a global leader in ambulance and emergency medical services driven by its goal of protecting the lives of members of the community,” he said.

“This expansion brought the total number of ambulance points operated by the corporation to 133, strategically distributed across Dubai.”

Ambulance points are locations specifically situated on busy roads and remote areas across Dubai, intended to help ease access for crews attending accident scenes in the emirate.

The organisation also announced that women now constitute 21 per cent of its workforce, which includes 1,375 professionals such as emergency doctors and paramedics.

In 2023, the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services covered 42 major events, offered 242 training programmes for both private and public sector employees, and organised 64 awareness-raising programmes.

"These events included significant occasions such as Eid celebrations, New Year’s events, local and international races, exhibitions, and global conferences," Mr Al Ketbi said.

Last year the organisation regulated 120 training centres and 62 healthcare facilities, certified 732 professionals and licensed 127 ambulance vehicles.

Updated: April 04, 2024, 3:25 PM