Jordan's Prince Hamzah signs statement pledging loyalty to King Abdullah, says royal court

Announcement indicates resolve to end crisis in which countries rallied around Jordan

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Jordan's former crown prince Hamzah bin Hussein has signed a declaration reaffirming loyalty to King Abdullah, the royal court said.

The announcement indicates that a rift within the royal family has come to an end, after what was reported at the weekend as an unprecedented political crisis in the kingdom.

On Sunday, Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi revealed details of what he said was a plot to undermine stability in the country, after arrests announced on Saturday.

Prince Hamzah was among those blamed for supposedly sowing internal division, prompting rumours that a coup may have been attempted.

The solution to the rift was brokered by King Abdullah's uncle, Prince Hasan bin Talal, reportedly ending the public dispute.

“I place myself in the hands of his majesty the king,” said a statement signed by the prince and broadcast by official media.

"The interests of the homeland must remain above all considerations."

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Prince Hamzah had claimed to have been under house arrest, in a recorded video sent to foreign media.

He later said that Chief of Staff Maj Gen Yousef Huneiti visited his home to tell him to cease communications.

“For a chief of staff to come and say this to you it is not acceptable in any form,” Prince Hamzah said.

Intrigue surrounds Jordan's royal court

Intrigue surrounds Jordan's royal court

He claimed that in the encounter, which he said he taped, Maj Gen Huneiti made threats against him, but the prince did not give details.

The tape was sent “to people I know abroad and to my folks in case something happens”, Prince Hamzah said.

Seperatly on Monday, Maj Gen Huneiti said the country’s armed forces and security agencies “have the power and experience” to deal with any developments that might happen internally or in the region.

He made his comments while taking part in “Shield of the Nation,” a drill that included several brigades, special forces, border guards and the Royal Air Force in the eastern region of the kingdom, the state news agency Petra said.

The exercise did not appear to be related to the weekend incidents because such drills are planned well in advance.

Maj Gen Huneiti said the troops will confront anyone who “tries to endanger the nation’s security, terrify its citizens and threatens the security and stability of the kingdom.”

Family mediation

On Monday, Prince Hasan, a respected elder in the family, was appointed by King Abdullah to speak to Prince Hamzah and regain his loyalty.

The statement was reportedly co-signed by Prince Hasan at his house, in the presence of witnesses.

“In line with His Majesty King Abdullah’s decision to deal with Prince Hamzah’s issue from within the Hashemite family, he assigned this task to his uncle, Prince Hasan,” the royal court said.

The mediation was successful and the matter resolved, Malik R Dahlan, a professional mediator and friend of the royal family who is also a confidant of Hamzah.

Mr Dahlan is the principal of the Institution Quraysh for Law & Policy, with which Hamzah is associated

“The Royal Hashemite family has a long history and tradition of mediation, which is one of the many reasons for its formidable resilience and popularity,” he said.

“This moment can be seen as a pressure valve moment, and the King, in his wisdom, is using this opportunity to bring the family together, uphold the rule of law and resolve this matter with the dignity and the symbolism that it deserves."

Prince Hamzah's signed letter reaffirmed commitment to the king and to the royal family.

"In light of the developments over the past two days, I put myself at the disposal of His Majesty the King and I reaffirm that I will always remain committed to ... His Majesty the King and committed to the Constitution of the dear Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. And I will always remain the supporter of His Majesty the King and his Crown Prince," the letter said.

"We must all stand behind His Majesty the King in his efforts to protect Jordan and its national interests, and to achieve the best for the Jordanian people, in commitment to the legacy of the Hashemites who have pledged themselves to serve the nation."