Two Iraqi officers killed in raid on ISIS in Baghdad

Three ISIS terrorists left dead but one was wearing a belt of explosives

Shiite pilgrims make their way to Kadhimiya to mark the anniversary of Imam Moussa Al Kadhim's death. Reuters
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Two Iraqi officers were killed when a terrorist detonated an explosive belt during a security raid in northern Baghdad, the Iraqi Media Cell said on Thursday.

A force from Baghdad Security Command raided an ISIS post as part of measures to secure a holy visit to the city of Kadhimiya to mark the anniversary of the death of revered Shiite imam Moussa Al Kadhim, the cell said in a statement.

During the raid, security forces killed three terrorists, one of whom was wearing an explosive belt, the cell said.

“The operation resulted in the martyrdom of two officers and two fighters following the detonation of the explosive belt,” it added.

Moussa Al Kadhim is the seventh of 12 Shiite imams. He died in a Baghdad prison in the eighth century.

Thousands of black-clad pilgrims from across Iraq marched on Thursday in the annual procession to mark the imam's death.

Updated: February 16, 2023, 3:45 PM