What is cottagecore? The lifestyle trend the Hadids, Beckhams and Kardashians have all embraced in 2020

Forget hygge, this is the year's big lifestyle trend

The Kardashians, Hadids and Beckhams are among the famous families offering cottagecore inspiration. Instagram
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All this time spent at home over the past few months has, it seems, got many people dreaming of a quiet life in the country.

If hygge made everyone want to transform their homes into a cosy Danish dream in 2018, then 2020 is the year of cottagecore.

Also known as grandmacore or farmcore, the cottagecore aesthetic is one of idyllic countryside living. Think open space, rolling fields, cosy floral interiors and, usually, livestock.

The ethos has been around for years, but the pandemic has pushed many people to crave rural living, spurred, in part, by a number of celebrities who have been living a very cottagecore lifestyle since the Covid-19 outbreak forced many around the world into lockdown.

The Hadid family, consisting of supermodel siblings Gigi, Bella and Anwar, along with mum Yolanda and partners Zayn Malik and Dua Lipa, have all spent time on the family's sprawling farm in  Pennsylvania, US.

Over the past few months, they have been sharing images and videos of themselves planting trees, riding horses and feeding baby goats, as well as posing for at-home shoots for magazines such as Vogue, channelling the cottagecore aesthetic.

The Beckhams have also spent the past few months giving the world some serious cottagecore inspiration from their rural Cotswolds estate, often pictured out for long country walks with their pet dogs, making hearty meals in their huge country kitchen and even engaging in a spot of beekeeping.

David and Victoria's eldest son, Brooklyn, 21, had spent most of his time in self-isolation with his girlfriend Nicola Peltz's family in the US, but waited until his return to the UK to announce the couple's engagement, with a portrait shot of the pair embracing in a field of wildflowers – giving cottagecore fans the ultimate "goals" picture.

Harry Styles, Millie Bobby Brown, the Kardashians and Kaia Gerber are also among the celebrities to have posted some cottagecore inspiration during the pandemic.

A rise in home baking has also given this wholesome trend a boost over the past few months, with many people hunkering down in the kitchen to whip together everything from fresh bread and cakes to endless batches of banana loaf.

In essence, cottagecore is an appreciation of the simple home comforts people have spent time rediscovering, as well as a celebration of nature which, again, has been something many people have enjoyed during lockdown as they escaped their homes for a daily walk around their neighbourhood.

Even British Vogue switched up its usual cover image style in celebration of all things nature, sharing dreamy rural landscapes on the cover of its August 2020 issue.

#Cottagecore has become a growing trend on TikTok, with many people making DIY videos showing you how to give your own space a cosy makeover.

The #cottagecore hashtag will also bring up almost half a million images on Instagram, so whether you are looking for some inspiration, or just fancy getting lost in the dreamy aesthetic of cottagecore pictures, it’s a good place to start.