Snack healthy: keto, vegan and gluten-free products under one roof in Dubai

Healthy food store Hayawiia offers exclusive brands at competitive prices

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“Everyone deserves a clean lifestyle.” That’s the motto that led Tahany Taher to co-found Hayawiia, a warehouse-style health store in Al Quoz that brings all things vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, low-sugar, low-carb and keto-friendly under one (massive) roof.

In keeping with that motto, the store offers competitively priced products “to add convenience for customers looking to make the conscious switch to clean living”, says Taher.

The platform’s manuka honey (from the exclusively stocked brand Floney), for instance, is priced at Dh157 for a 250-gram jar. The product usually goes for between Dh215 and Dh380.

Best of all, says the Emirati, who is a senior vice president at a multinational bank, most of it is rather delicious, too. "Contrary to popular belief that healthy food doesn’t taste good, all our products are flavour-packed to cater to the melting pot of cultures that exist in the UAE.

"I also believe that women can make a big impact and therefore, the majority of products are sourced from women-owned brands in developing international countries. In a bid to also support the entrepreneurial drive in the UAE and ensure business continuity of SMEs, we also products from emerging local vendors," says Taher.

Emirati Tahany Taher co-founded Hayawiia to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone in the UAE 
Emirati Tahany Taher co-founded Hayawiia to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone in the UAE 

Floney is but one of more than a dozen brands that are stocked exclusively in the UAE at Hayawiia, the name of which is inspired by the Arabic word for health, vitality and vigour.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the healthy products available only at Hayawiia.

Delivery is via the website, a dedicated mobile app, or Instashop and El Grocer.

Healthy food brands stocked only at Hayawiia

Eat Any Time: for ragi and jowar millet granola bars

Floney: for flavoured honeys, from manuka and milk weed to acacia, liden and wildflower

Food 4 You: for all things organic, from black rice and quinoa flour to papaya leaf powder and coconut sugar

Forgotten Foods: a brand dedicated to millet

Gourmet Jar: for pasta sauces and almond honey (an age-old Indian snack)

Graminway: for oats, pickle and pink salt

Green Snacks: for all things kale and quinoa, plus delicious date bites

Greenfield's: for tea blends, including Peace with Hibiscus Tea

Gustora: for whole wheat pasta

Happa: for organic baby food purees and porridge mixes

Lo Carb: for keto cookies and low-carb flours

Mills and Browns: for gluten-free raw banana flour and xanthan gum, a natural thickening agent

Plattered: for whole wheat cake mixes

Rootz and Co: for quinoa soups, granola pebbles and seed mixes

Snackwise: for all manner of vacuum-fried crisps – think banana, okra, sweet potato, garlic, bitter gourd and beetroot

Super Diet: for keto-friendly rice

To Be Honest: for healthy snacks with exotic flavour profiles, from herb taro with oregano and basil, to spiced okra with coriander and mint

True Elements: another healthy snack brand with various roasted seeds and dried berries

Turn Organics: for organic rice, flour and lentils

Urban Platter: for everything from organic wheatgrass powder and Greek toasted carob powder to nori sheets and tapioca syrup

Zevic: for detox teas and sugar-free alternatives

Organic skincare and recyclable packaging 

Edibles aside, the platform also stocks chemical-free and organic beauty products, from brands such as Avalon and Faith in Nature to Puressential and Sukin.

Recyclable packaging at Hayawiia 
Recyclable packaging at Hayawiia 

Its packaging, too, is recyclable, while customer thank-you notes are made with eco-friendly seed paper embedded with flower, herb or vegetable seeds that can be planted.


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