Move of the week: the reverse hyper

The fifth exercise in our eight-part weekly series of workouts.

Inger Houghton demonstrates the Reverse Hyper. Satish Kumar / The National
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Inger Houghton, the head nutritionist and trainer at Scandinavian Health & Performance (SHP) in Dubai, demonstrates the fifth exercise in our eight-part weekly series of workouts, while the gym's owner and head trainer Ian Houghton provides a step-by-step below. Do this move alone or incorporate it into your own fitness routine. Go to, where we collect the workouts and post video demonstrations.

"This move is commonly performed in the gym on a 'glute-ham-developer' and is great for compressing and decompressing the spine."

Start with arms extended, hands gripping the front of the equipment. Hang your legs straight down behind you in a vertical line.

Keeping your upper body supported, raise your legs up behind you.

Lower your legs and repeat the exercise between eight and 15 times for the optimal workout of your lower back, glutes and hamstrings.

Top tip: If you are not in the gym, be creative and perform it on a narrow kitchen or coffee table.

SHP is in Unit 1304, Swiss Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. Contact 050 464 9396 or visit