Travel Essentials: stay warm without bulking up with a fleece

Fleeces are versatile garments, providing warmth without taking up a lot of luggage space.

Patagonia Better Sweater. Courtesy of Patagonia
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Haglofs Bungy Top

This fleece looks and feels high-tech. It is made from a fabric called Polartec, which is stretchy, breathable and very warm, yet very lightweight. The seams have been sewn flat and offset to make the garment fit better and reduce rubbing. The cuffs have thumb holes to keep the sleeves over your wrists and retain warmth. The Napoleon pocket is useful for storing small and important items such as phones, cameras or wallets. Available from from $99.90 (Dh367), plus shipping.

North Face Windwall 1 Jacket

Everything about this fleece has been designed to withstand biting winds. It uses a special way of joining the inner fabric to the outer fabric to create a less permeable layer. The hems have cinch cords to keep the sleeves and bottom of the fleece tight and make the fit snug. The two pockets are a good place to bury your hands and keep them warm without gloves. Available from from $165.78 (Dh609), plus shipping.

Patagonia Better Sweater

The outer weave of this garment is fashioned to look like wool, but it is actually made from polyester, making it easier to look after and more durable. The fleece lining is comfortable and warm. The collar zips up high around the neck, and the collar, cuffs and hem are trimmed with micro-polyester to wick away moisture. Overall, this fleece lives up to its name and is, indeed, a "better sweater". Available from from US$129 (Dh474), plus shipping.

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