The Carlton Hotel on the banks of the Creek in Dubai, circa 1978. The property was later rebuilt as the Carlton Tower Hotel. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Timeframe: Dubai Creek a changing port of call

Dubai Creek has been a busy port since the early days, a place where fishermen, traders and pearl-divers have long peddled their wares.

This image from 1978 shows a vastly different landscape to what we see today.

The photograph was taken at a time when activity on the water outweighed that on the empty sandy around the creek.

Fast forward 40 years and it’s a very different story. Dubai’s much-loved creek is now overlooked by the new A Seef promenade where cafes and restaurants combine with the traditional souk, floating market and art galleries to offer locals and tourists alike a heritage feel.

Many will fondly recall the days of old but, more often than not, a facelift is inevitable.

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