Safe Santa: Hand over your car keys to Father Christmas this year

Chance to enjoy a special festive chauffeur via driver app Zofeur

Get Santa to drive you home this festive season with Zofeur. Photo: Zofeur
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In a bid to spread the festive cheer, chauffeur-on-demand service Zofeur has hired Santa Claus to drive customers and their cars back home this month.

Between Wednesday and Monday, those booking a Zofeur driver after 6pm might just get to enjoy a Father Christmas chauffeur, complete with a red outfit and white beard, hopping behind the wheel of their sleigh, sorry, car, and depositing everyone safely home.

While there is no mention of reindeer, we do know that Santa – who will be assigned randomly – will be bringing some festive sweets and chocolates for guests to enjoy.

Riders dressing up as Santa are also par for the course for food delivery services.

Deliveroo, meanwhile, is embracing the season of merriment and goodwill by hiring an artist who will dress up as teal Santa and make an appearance at the Ripe Market on Saturday and Sunday.

Easy to spot due to his unusually hued costume, teal Santa will also hand out gifts to children and vouchers to adults between 4pm and 6pm on both days at the open-air market in Academy Park.

Given how much else he has going on at the moment, it is impressive that Santa can find the time to moonlight, so perhaps the Big Man can also teach us about effective time management while helping spread festive joy. Ho Ho Ho.

Updated: December 21, 2023, 10:55 AM