The future of beautiful hair lies in space

From diamond dust to meteorite extracts, a new product promises truly out-of-this world tresses.

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The latest trend in taming tresses has hit the exclusive department store Harrods in London. Dubbed the "World's Most Expensive Blowdry" and costing around £320 (Dh1,828), the process starts with a luxurious shampoo and reconditioning treatment followed by a hot-stone cranial massage. The hefty price tag is due in main to the ingredients of the Fuente products used, which include white truffle skin, pure diamond dust and, hold on to your space helmets, meteorite extracts.

The diamond dust, sourced from a 250-year-old Dutch precious stone house, is made using a process called "magnetic attraction", where the diamonds are positively charged to stick to hair follicles.

As for the meteorite matter, its restorative powers came to light after the University of Tokyo published the findings of the Japanese scientist Takeshi Kakegawa. He discovered that as meteors hurtle into the Earth's seas, they create minerals matching around 80 per cent of the ingredients human hair could be lacking.

Moreover, the creators claim their products are the world's first "self-thinking" spa treatments with the composite parts reacting "intelligently" to the needs of each client's hair type. Meaning, should your hair be damaged by poor diet, excessive styling, or sun and chlorine, fear not because these tonics will cleverly restore your hair to its former glory.

The "proof"? Well, having examined the soapy residue removed from more than 100 clients' hair after washing, the foam ingredients were found to be different every time. Hence, each individual's hair absorbed from the products only the vital nutrients it was previously lacking, leaving it looking truly "out of this world".