Rolls-Royce Ghost arrives in the UAE

The latest creation from the British marque makes its Abu Dhabi debut

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost has arrived in the UAE, and was introduced amid the pomp and circumstance that generally accompanies a landing of this kind.

Motoring media and fans of the brand alike gathered at the Abu Dhabi Motors showroom in Umm Al Nar to see the latest release from the famous British marque, a vehicle that was revealed to the world in virtual form in August.

Unsurprisingly, those present – many of whom had seen pictures of the Ghost already – were keen to get a real look up close.

Cesar Habib, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars regional director of Middle East and Africa, was on hand to introduce what the company is referring to as its latest piece of “motoring art”.

“The New Ghost is a masterpiece of craftsmanship," he said. "It whispers its qualities. It doesn’t shout.

“Our founding father’s insightful saying, ‘small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing’, stands true 116 years later and is embodied in the creation of our new Ghost.”

The base price of the car is $318,000 (Dh1.1m) excluding taxes. But the Ghost with recommended options will start from Dh1.8 million  in the UAE and the Ghost Extended from Dh2 million.