Nissan unveils Ariya all-electric crossover SUV: a lioness that sounds like a kitten

Earplugs away, people, there won't be unseemly roaring from the manufacturer's latest unmasking as it's an all-electric affair

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Nissan has just introduced an all-electric crossover SUV going by the name of the Ariya.

And, while it may not have the performance of some non-fossil-fuel-powered supercar creations, this latest model from the Japanese manufacturer seems to have some poke.

You can choose one of two different power options, the standard two-wheel drive or the more explosive e-4orce system. The zippier of the two will get you up to 200 kilometres an hour and will reach 0-100kph in 5.1 seconds. The range isn’t bad, either – the basic model will do 450 kilometres, but the big boy can wring 580km out of its drivetrain.

The exterior is chunky, giving a definite feel of capability, and you could do worse than choosing one in the rather smart colour they sprayed the advance model with.

All the versions come with the ProPilot driver assists, and there’s a tidy centre console with the usual gizmos. Amazon’s Alexa is also lurking somewhere inside the dashboard.

In fact, all things taken into account, Nissan says this is the most technologically advanced vehicle it has ever made.

Nissan’s designers took advantage of the car’s EV platform, which allows for a flat floor, and its compact climate control components to give the Ariya the most spacious cabin in its class. The lounge-like interior, featuring Zero Gravity seats, provides a welcoming environment for driver and passengers alike.

If you're wondering where the name Ariya came from, a quick look online reveals one meaning, and that is "lioness". If that’s the meaning they were going for, you can see the sense in it … but then maybe not. Let’ face it, you won’t get any roaring from that electric engine. It’ll sound more like a dozing kitten after half a pint of cream than the queen of the veld in full flight.

Early indications are that an Ariya will cost about Dh170,000, and it will make its debut on Japanese roads in the middle of 2021.