In the news: A Zain / Twitter hookup, more Saudi WiMax, and ambiguous news for UAE startups

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- Twitter is in talks with Zain, the regional mobile operator,

. For Twitter, this is a good deal if Zain will send all those texts for free, for Zain, this is a good deal in terms of adding a trendy new bell and whistle to its service. But does anyone really want to recieve all their tweets via text message anymore? And don't most people have a smartphone with a Twitter app?

- Speaking of Zain, its shareholders will vote this week on

in the company. Opening the door for a possible stake sale to another telco or institutional investor? Was Etisalat's seemingly crazy

possibly less crazy than it sounded?

- Atheeb's rollout of a national WiMax internet network in Saudi Arabia continues,

, reports There has been a lot of smack talked about WiMax, and it does seem to be a technology destined for nichedom. But it certainly seems like a good way to quickly roll out a competitive new broadband internet network, something needed in markets all across the region.

- Last week's

for startup companies in the UAE was widely hailed as good news for entrepreneurs. But The National's Wayne Arnold

(Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat / AFP)