Honey, Etisalat shrunk the iPhone prices

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Etisalat has cut the prices of its iPhone monthly plans, as well as the prepaid price for the handset. Price cuts seem to be in the range of 20-25 per cent, a pretty nice little saving, but still at the top end of pricing around the world for an iPhone plan.

The big question - can customers who signed up for the old packages last month take advantage of the new prices? My guess is no, but we're getting Etisalat to confirm, so watch this space.

(UPDATE: My guess was wrong! Etisalat says people who signed up before the price cut can expect to see the new prices reflected on their next bill. Hats off for this, a fairly gentlemanly move, all considered.)

Old vs new prices, plus Etisalat press release, after the jump:


Etisalat makes iPhone 3G more affordable for customers
Significantly reduces iPhone 3G price to AED 2680 and AED 2205 for Wasel and Postpaid respectively

Abu Dhabi, Monday May 4, 2009: Etisalat today announced a significant reduction on the two models of iPhone 3G packages for both Wasel and postpaid subscribers. The new prices reflect reduction of up to 22% from the initial prices and will become applicable from tomorrow (Tuesday).

New iPhone Wasel Package
As per the new price plans, The iPhone 3G 8GB device will be available in black color for AED 2,680, while the 16GB device will be available in both white and black colors for AED 3,055 without any additional monthly fee. Etisalat is also offering free 250 MB monthly data package for six months and one free Wasel SIM Card with every device, providing lucrative return benefit of over AED 2000, effectively bringing down the device cost to a little over AED 600.

Customers can choose to activate their subscription on their current SIM or on the new SIM, being offered free by Etisalat. Customers keen on upgrading the free data package of 250 MB can subscribe to any of the current Etisalat data packages, and the free bandwidth (250 MB /per month) will be added to their selected package automatically. 

New iPhone postpaid package
For postpaid packages, customers can choose from 4 convenient iPhone plans ranging from zero upfront cost to AED 2205 for 8GB and from AED 375 to AED 2575 for 16GB device, respectively. Both the 8GB and 16 GB devices are available as a bundle package which includes the device, data, voice and SMS.  The package is explained as per the table below:

245-Price Grid Iphone.jpg