Go Gear: Three of the best dog travel accessories

Motoring's favourite devices to keep your pooch happy and safe while travelling in the car.

Front seat pet barrier, Dh95.
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Top dog

You know what it's like - dogs either love travelling in the car, or they hate it. And for those who love it, they'll seize any opportunity they get to peer out at the world whizzing past the windscreen or, better yet, get their heads out of the window. However, as we're all aware, dogs bounding about cars do not make for safe, pleasant trips, so this pet booster seat is brilliant for keeping your furry friend in place while also enjoying the views outside. Visit www.pettravelcenter.com. Dh240.

Let sleeping dogs lie

Now, not all four-legged friends are quite so excited about watching passers-by, so if your dog is slightly more relaxed about the whole car experience, then this is the device for him. This quilted rear seat hammock looks so comfortable, he'll be drifting off to sleep in no time. And, it has the added benefit of keeping those muddy paws off the seats. It comes in four colours - chocolate, tan, charcoal and denim - and all have tough microfibre suede. Visit www.drsfostersmith.com. From Dh150.

In the doghouse

As anyone with dogs will know, they don't always behave as well as they should in the car - jumping on the lap of the driver is a no, no - so, sometimes, it may be necessary to restrict where a dog can move within a vehicle. This front seat net pet barrier may look like you're putting man's best friend in the back of a police car, but it's for everyone's own good, and they shall be released at journey's end. Its micro-mesh is claw-proof and pop-up wire keeps it from sagging. www.amazon.com. Dh95.