Go Gear: Play a joke on serious petrolheads

Sometimes people love their motors too much. With these jokes you can give them a scare, without damaging their prized possession.

This faux scratch sticker peels off easily and can be reused for another prank, Dh7.
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A smashing joke

If you live near a golf club or are fond of the occasional round, then this is the joke gift for you. The "cracked glass" area measures approximately 15cm with a half golf ball in the centre. The joke sticks on with ease and is easily removed without leaving a mark.

Available from www.thegolfcollection.com for Dh33.

Scratch and sniff

Ideal for a friend or annoying colleague who waxes lyrical too much about their beloved motor. After they get over the initial shock of the prank, they may start fretting that the sticker will leave a mark. It doesn't; it peels off and is ready for another joke on a another driver.

Available from www.sillyjokes.co.uk for Dh7.

Whistle while you laugh

Press the whistle into the exhaust pipe of your victim's car and then watch, or listen, as it screams when they step on the accelerator. It's up to you when you tell them - or you could leave it until they take the car to a mechanic to increase their humiliation.

Available from www.thegag.com for Dh13.