Go Gear: Car-themed USB sticks

Motoring's three favourite vehicle-inspired USB memory sticks.

Formula One car USB.
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The Formula for fun

It's that time of year when excitement among Formula One fans in the UAE is building ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November, and this little electronic gem is only going to crank up the levels of enthusiasm even more. As you can see, some genius has taken an 8GB USB stick and a model Formula One car and thrust them together to form this fun creation.

Find it on www.sourcingmap.com, where you can buy 30 of them and share them among friends for about Dh150 each.

The key to file storage

Do you appreciate the quality engineering and reliability you find in a Mercedes-Benz but just can't afford it? Well this mock car key will have everyone thinking you're the proud owner of a piece of German excellence when, in fact, it's just a USB stick and it's probably made somewhere in China. Still, it will look good on your key ring or sticking out the side of your laptop.

This 8GB flash drive is available from www.amazon.com from about Dh95; just type "Mercedes key USB" into the search bar.

Cooper's the king of cool

There's no denying that a Mini Cooper is a cool car, and one with a Union Jack flag on the roof, cooler still. But a detailed model Mini that contains a 2GB flash drive and plugs into your laptop as if it was parked alongside it? Surely the ultimate in computing accessories. This device features rotatable wheels and transparent windows but possibly the slickest feature is that, when you plug it into a computer's USB port, the headlights turn on.

Take a look at www.cooperusb.com. Dh220.

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