GMC finally unveils the all-new electric Hummer 2022

Hold on tight because the legendary automotive beast is back — or it will be in 2022, at least

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GMC has long been offering teasers in the shape of snippets of information and photos showing little, but it has now finally revealed the new Hummer in all its gargantuan glory.

Don’t expect anything like what came before, though, as the vehicle that has almost been a byword for raw power, in motoring circles at least, has been made electric. And it’s the first vehicle of this kind produced by GMC.

The power bit hasn't been lost by the lack of fossil-fuel propulsion, though, as the 2022 Hummer, as they're calling it, will have 1,000 horsepower. The 0 to 100 kilometres per hour figure being quoted is about three seconds which, for a vehicle of this size, is impressive to say the least.

Style-wise, you won't mistake the new version for anything, but the latest model in the line-up. The vehicle will get its energy from General Motors' all-new Ultium Drive, and the company is promising "remarkable" off-road capabilities. It also has removable roof panels and an air-suspension system that can raise the vehicle by about 15 centimetres.

Price-wise, the Hummer starts at $80,000. It was a popular choice in the UAE, so expect the Emirates to be an early destination for the new vehicle when it finally goes on sale. However, GMC says pre-ordering will start in 2021.

GMC showcases the electric Hummer EV

GMC showcases the electric Hummer EV