Ever felt fobbed off by the nondescript keys to your supercar? Here's one for Dh2m

If a Bugatti, Ferrari or Koenigsegg doesn’t quite stretch your pocket enough, a new product line launched in Dubai may be just up your street

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Supercar owners are not noted for being overly impressed by luxury accessories (the motors themselves generally do the talking) but a newly launched selection of automotive accoutrements may well be enough to make them lean forward in their Recaro seats and take notice.

The products in question are jewel-encrusted key fobs, handcrafted, and housing all the technology required to lock and unlock your vehicle… but costing up to €500,000 (Dh2.06 million).

Awain, the Finnish company behind the concept, will be making the accessories in limited edition batches, with each one numbered, like a Rolex watch, to ensure its authenticity.

The firm currently offers three products, starting from a relatively modest €49,000 for the Quantum line, rising to the Serenity, which retails at €89,000.

The ultimate key, the Phantom, is a one-off piece with the half-a-million-euro price tag, which is inlaid with 34.5 carats of diamonds.

Each key will be individually made in Finland by a team of local craftsmen, including watchmakers, jewellers, and even mechanical engineers, with the creation process taking between 100-300 hours for each product.

Company chief executive Jalmara Mattila, a former motoring journalist, got the idea for the fobs after realising that the keys that came with luxury cars were almost always nondescript and made of plastic.

“They did not have the same craftsmanship or finesse as the cars they powered, which seemed like such a shame,” he said.

“So, with that in mind, I inspired the help of designer Leevi Markkula and watchmaker Joakim Jokela to help me create a really beautifully crafted, bespoke and incredibly luxurious key.

“After two years of honing and perfecting the technical and aesthetic design, Awain and our exclusive line of keys were born.”

The product line was launched at Dubai’s Autodrome, accompanied by a motor parade of some 20 supercars, with models from manufacturers including Bugatti, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Aston Martin.

Awain is a Helsinki-based operation, but the company has offices in Dubai.