Dubai-based mother starts a Facebook buckle up campaign

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DUBAI // A Dubai-based mother has taken it upon herself to start a Facebook campaign to encourage parents to ensure their children travel safely in cars. Lesley Cully has started a Facebook page called Buckle Up In the Back Dubai!! and it comes with a simple mission statement. Cully introduces the page with the following words: "It's time we got serious about using seatbelts and car seats in the back of cars. I see too many children standing free in the backs of cars and it's just not SAFE!!" Cully is aiming to get in touch with schools to increase awareness amongst school children and to run media campaigns. Since starting the group in May, it has attracted more than 400 people have become fans. Current UAE laws state that front seat passengers must wear seatbelts and that children under 10 must not travel in the front. However, there are no laws at present to make safety seats for babies or young children compulsory.