Bond cars to be parked in Illinois, museum set to open in 2012

James Bond car museum to open in Illinois.

ILLINOIS // James Bond has visited his fair share of exotic destinations, often behind the wheel of a high-performance car, so the location of The Bond Vehicles + Espionage Museum is somewhat suprising - it will be located in a small town 80km south of Chicago called Momerce. The Ian Fleming Foundation is hoping to replicate the Bilbao-effect and chose the historic but neglected town of Momerce, Illnois. It also happens to be the hometown of Doug Redenius, the vice president of the foundation. The website reports that the site will be on a former car dealership and the Bond cars to be put on display include the Lotus Espirit submarine from The Spy Who Loved Me and the Aston Martin Volante from The Living Daylights. The architect for the projects, Gensler, states on its website that the museum is slated to open in 2012, the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie, Dr No.