Beast mode: Dubai Police beefs up fleet 'with most advanced police vehicle in the world'

You can see the monstrously big Beast Patrol 4x4 by W Motors at Gitex Techonology Week

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Speeding criminals in the UAE should be very afraid: check out Dubai Police's latest wheeled weapon, the Beast Patrol, which was launched at this week's Gitex.

The collaboration between the police, Dubai-based automotive company W Motors and the Abu Dhabi-based Safe City Group has been labelled "the most-advanced police vehicle in the world".

Full details of said boundary-breaking innovations are yet to be announced, but the rugged-looking SUV is certainly quite a departure for W Motors, which is usually best known for its hypercars and supercars.

Potential jailbirds do at least seem set to get a comfy ride to prison, however, judging by the luxurious trim in the back seats.

For a closer look at the Beast Patrol, which doesn't appear to owe anything to the similarly named Nissan Patrol, you can head to the annual tech show at the Dubai World Trade Centre until Thursday (October 18).


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