A Land Rover Defender to send everyone green with envy

Overfinch has transformed the new version of the iconic vehicle into something you won't see anywhere else

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Fans of the Land Rover Defender who find the new model a little too mainstream can now opt for a bespoke option.

Overfinch, a company which overhauls standard versions of the British marque, has transformed a version of the iconic vehicle into something you won't see anywhere else.

Should you take the plunge and want to park it outside your residence though, you'll have to part with £239,990 (Dh1,161,000).

This version has 18-inch alloy wheels and an SVX-style grille, which should be sufficient to make it obvious this isn't an everyday Defender.

Even with its 6.2-litre V8 engine, it's unlikely to see too much off-road action though, particularly not amid the desert dunes.

The buyer won't want to scuff up all the comely emerald green paintwork, particularly if a visit to the opera or a posh restaurant is in the offing, which is more likely where it'll be going.

The UK-based company does commissions too, so even if this one isn't quite your cup of Super 98, it'll be able to give you something that may well be.