Infiniti muscles into the Middle East with 2022 QX60

The brand's latest mid-size SUV is on the region's doorstep, and the new version comes with enlightened styling

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Infiniti’s 2022 QX60 will be jostling with luxury SUV rivals in the Middle East soon after the company revealed shots of the vehicle last year.

The next-generation model, which, the carmaker says, has been completely redesigned, is not dissimilar to its most recent relative, but first impressions show it differs in some subtle and appealing ways.

For a start, the new model has what Infiniti calls Japanese-influenced details. These include an origami-inspired signature mesh grille, kimono folds in “digital piano key” lighting signatures, as well as an “aesthetic of ripples on a pond interpreted in the leather-appointed seats”.

Infiniti says this is a departure, a step towards its aim of combine motoring athleticism with harmony and simplicity.

All very Zen so far.

The QX60 pairs intuitive technology and driveline dynamics with its 279-horsepower, 3.5-litre V6 engine, joined to a new nine-speed automatic transmission.

It sounds fairly meaty in a car that isn’t big as far as SUVs go, but Infiniti says the powertrain will deliver a responsive drive that’s quiet and poised, which is something we could all do with.

The car’s all-wheel drive system has been enhanced, too. Now, it almost instantly engages when it detects wheel slip for a superior driving experience. Also, up to half of the available power can be sent to the rear wheels for increased grip when you need it. All very useful should the dunes come a-calling.

It has also been fitted with zero-gravity, ergonomic seating. Tech includes a 12.3-inch interactive touchscreen for infotainment. You can also get models with a wireless charging mat, large enough to support the biggest iPhone.

The new QX60 has a new colour option Infiniti seems pleased with, and they’re calling it Moonbow Blue, which is a hue that has been designed to resemble the colours that adorn summer skies at dusk.

Anyone who fancies trying a new QX60 can book a test drive across the region from June 2022. There’s no sure word on pricing yet, but base models are being sold in the US for $47,875.

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Updated: June 01, 2022, 6:27 AM