This Dh95 million Emirates Hills villa in Dubai comes with a steam room, grand piano and golf club views

It is high on cost, but is it high on style?

At the very top end of the property market – in any country – you find style and taste can sometimes go awry.

Put Dh100 million or so on anyone's spending list and chances are they might get a little overexcited.

The "I've got a blank canvas, let's go bananas" approach then becomes a "oh no, look at the monster I've created" further down the line.

Rooms become ill-fitting, hedgerows are turned into farmyard animals and, in an effort to go beyond simply being bold, the guest bathroom ends up having a toilet encased in gold leaf.

For the enormous homes in Dubai's Emirates Hills, such is the size and space that there's plenty of opportunity to bend the rules of interior design and create what in one's own mind is a masterpiece.

Thankfully, this villa, in the community's R Sector and on the market for Dh95 million with Luxhabitat, gets it very much right.

The exterior lacks any unnecessary gaudiness, but if initially underwhelmed that soon changes once through the front door,  as it opens out into a courtyard bathed in light, encased with potted trees and with a central water feature.

It certainly sets the tone for what has essentially been kitted out as a European-style mansion across its 32,000-square-foot built-up area.

There's a grand piano and wood-lined study that wouldn't look out of place in any era from the past 100 years, while the living spaces have been given soft tones that should appeal to the majority of prospective viewers (the property comes furnished).

Aside from the eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms are a couple of tasteful additions that give the property that extra spark – and a few extra million to the price tag, no doubt.

It has an indoor swimming pool big enough to create exhaustion from a couple of lengths, and adjoined to this is a massage room and what is literally the star of the show – a mosaic-tiled steam room with a fountain and twinkly lighting that places you under the night sky.

It is this kind of inclusion that for some properties can go wrong, but here has successfully added extra character.

Outside there is another huge pool, a jacuzzi, swim-up bar and, as you would expect for a property of this price in Dubai, a decent view, which in this instance is over the Address Montgomerie Golf Club with Dubai Marina's towers in the background.

The study. Courtesy Luxhabitat

Q&A: Sally Ann Eddmenson, associate director at Luxhabitat

Could this be Dubai’s most expensive sale this year? Any there many other contenders?

There are certainly other properties in Dubai with this price tag, although whether they can compete with the clear value and completeness offered by this Emirates Hills home remains to be seen. A good number of the high-ticket homes in Dubai are still off-plan, or set among communities which are under construction.

For a buyer working with this budget there is definitely some choice in the market, but it will be the overall vibe and convenience which prompts a decision, as well as a feeling that they are receiving maximal value for money. This Emirates Hills home is very visibly complete, the worth and craftsmanship clearly displayed. The right buyer will no doubt have exposure to the international property landscape, and in that context have a good understanding of true value.

What do buyers in the Dh95m price bracket look for in a property?

There is a flavour to this home that the wealthy will recognise. Of course, elements like underground parking, his-and-hers dressing rooms, winter closet storage, a children’s lounge, en-suite bathrooms throughout, a cinema and extensive staff quarters are all expected and delivered.

The presentation leaves no doubt that there has been a great deal of thoughtful design, executed with the highest-quality materials and workmanship. A trained eye will notice the Italian doors and windows, all specially imported. There are subtle design elements, which leave no room for mistaken identity.

Do buyers usually prefer furnished or unfurnished properties?

Where there is a general preference among buyers for an unfurnished home, this is usually for a reason. While a new owner may stamp a property with their own taste and style, many times changes would also have to be made to correct a poor design element or improve the functionality of the villa. This Emirates Hills home is different, and already tells a story, providing a complete vision of how to live there.