This Dh28 million Dubai villa is a window into the world of the wealthy

Take a look inside this Pearl Jumeirah property brimming with contemporary creativity

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The longer one resides in the UAE, the more accustomed one becomes of the sight of window cleaners dangling from the top of a 500-foot tower.

There's a deep pang of admiration for their bravery, as they are buffeted by high winds and at times bad visibility – imagine hanging up there on a foggy morning surrounded by a world made of cotton wool (and glass).

They could be granted the "unsung hero" tag as, after all, these windows don't clean themselves, and we all want that fantastic panorama that homes on the 75th floor afford.

Some homes in Dubai however require a heroic effort when it comes to looking after the aesthetic that won't risk igniting a case if acrophobia (fear of heights if you're not familiar).

Take this fascinating villa on Dubai's Pearl Jumeirah.

It is striking for many reasons, not least the amount of glass on display, which makes it a window into the world of the wealthy given its Dh28 million price tag.

Those are windows you would not want to have cleaned just a few times a year, despite the effort required to remove the build up of dust that whips up across the desert.

But given what is inside makes it so worth it.

This immaculate four-bedroom contemporary home has standout features throughout, not least the walnut and steel staircase that resembles a climbing frame, while for those with an aversion for the stairs, there is a also a lift to the two upper floors of this sprawling property.

And back to the windows again – they are double-glazed and UV-protected which is wise given the amount of light that will be pouring in.

The master suite meanwhile measures in at a similar size to many two-bedroom apartments in the city, with 1,250 sq ft of pure luxury under a five-metre high ceiling.

Like many of Dubai's modern, up-market villas, the formal areas are kept to the ground floor, while the entertainment and alternative living is located in the basement.

With a large bar and ample seating it provides a homely alternative to the nearby Nikki Beach Club for those who wish to entertain in their own space with their own guest list.

As for logistics, there's maid's quarters with en-suite, a driver's room with en-suite, a Dynalite dimming system. Philips home automation and a double garage.

Outdoors, the L-shaped pool tucks into the outline of the villa's exterior and can actually be accessed with a dive through the open doors of one of the ground-floor lounges. Just make sure you don't climb back out that way and drip water all over the floor.

Pearl Jumeirah Villa - Dubai . Courtsey: Luxhabitat
The ground floor flows from one area to another. Courtesy Luxhabitat

Q&A: Paul Clark, luxury sales Specialist at Luxhabitat

The decor is very stylish, but how practical is it if the buyer has young children?

Yes, the property is very stylish, the finish, high level of materials and workmanship along with the thoughtful design of the layout is flawless.  The current owners have a young son and they get along great.  The flowing layout is very open however, there are plenty of areas throughout the house for seclusion and peaceful privacy across all three levels.  Having said that, this could just as easily suit bachelors, bachelorettes and couples.

Would you say this is a love / hate kind of design?

Whats is there to hate?  Home owners are crying out for high quality, modern contemporary design. The attention to detail spared by the current owners is very difficult to find fault with. Every little thing has been considered and meticulously designed. As I have explained, the flowing layout is complimented by high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass windows and doors, the highest quality materials throughout, an incredible Boffi kitchen with a joining preparation kitchen which in itself is consistent with the quality throughout.  You have modern contemporary design but when you step inside, you feel very much at home.

Is privacy an issue with so much glass?

There really isn't a privacy issue due to there being a lot of glass featuring in the design.  Each window is fitted with electric curtains and there are relatively high walls on three sides of the villa so if anything being an end unit in a cul-de-sac, it's more private than most villas.

How old is the property – how long has it been on the market?

The villa is almost three years old but you would never believe that when you visit, nor would you imagine it's currently occupied by the existing owners due to the immaculate presentation. The feedback is always that of a brand new furnished show home. Luxhabitat has been actively marketing the villa for around six months but it has been on the market for a while longer.

What kind of reputation is developing for Pearl Jumeira?

Pearl Jumeirah has a growing reputation and it's all very positive. There are several villas that are now ready and occupied with several more under way.  The nature of the development being a private island with a limited amount of independently constructed custom villas close to the sea gives that sense of high end luxury exclusivity.

The already established, popular branded Nikki Beach Resort and Spa and Beach Club draw home owners and visitors alike to the island.  With more and more properties completing, more residents moving in along with the upcoming mall/community centre featuring cafes, restaurants and retail outlets, a jogging/cycling track on each side of the island and being in very close proximity to the Downtown can only enhance the overall demand and reputation.