Sea Palace: A luxury hotel on the water surrounded by six floating houses is coming to Dubai

The Dh600 million project, located near Dubai Marina, is 65 per cent finished

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UAE residents will soon be able to book a stay in a luxury floating resort that’s part-yacht, part-hotel.

On Monday, November 9, Emirati ship-building company Seagate Shipyard unveiled the Sea Palace Floating Resort project, which consists of a luxury hotel surrounded by six floating and moving houses.

The Dh600 million project near Dubai Marina uses a glass boat as its design inspiration. It will be powered by shaft motors and equipped with a hydraulic system that resists wave movements.

According to a company representative, the whole project is about 65 per cent complete while the surrounding houses are in the final stages of construction. One of the floating houses, Neptune, is already finished and was sold to UAE businessman Balvinder Sahni for Dh20 million during the launch event on Monday.

Scroll through the gallery above to see more photos from the project.

Neptune spans two floors, with a number of balconies and an outdoor swimming pool. The house has four en suite bedrooms on the first floor, as well as two additional rooms for staff. It also has a spacious kitchen and living room, and a glass floor for incredible water views. Adding even more opulence to the floating and moving houses, the furniture has been designed by luxury car company Aston Martin.

Neptune, which is powered by solar energy, also features a self-sterilising air filtration system and a garbage recycling system.

"Since the establishment of Seagate Shipyard, we have had the idea of doing this project in Dubai, the land of possibilities. I believe this will create a boom in tourism," says Mohammed El Bhawravi, founder of Seagate Shipyard and project executor.