Pot luck: Why Louis Vuitton's Dh435,000 billiards table is a game-changer

The brand's new made-to-order accessory features a red play surface set against the brand’s signature Monogram motif

Louis Vuitton has unveiled its first billiards table, Le Billard. The made-to-order accessory features a red play surface, set against the brand's signature Monogram motif, which has been synonymous with the luxury fashion house since it was envisaged by Louis Vuitton's son Georges Vuitton in 1896.

The table also comes wrapped in the darker Monogram Eclipse or Damier Graphite motifs, as well as colourful versions in Epi leather that range from bold cyan and fuchsia to pistachio and caramel.

The table’s wooden body is sheathed in these luxurious leathers, with delicate corners crafted from naturally tanned cowhide and edges that are hand-painted. Hand-pressed metallic hardware is engraved with the maison’s logo.

The table comes with covetable accessories: billiard balls with numbers encircled by the floral patterning of the Monogram motif, a leather triangle and two cues also topped with Monogram leather.

It continues the maison's tradition of creating whimsical gaming and sporting accessories, from playing cards and beach bats, to ping-pong sets, dumb-bells, golf kits and skipping ropes, all reimagined in LV's signature style.

Last month, the brand launched a made-to-order foosball table, also wrapped in Monogram print, complete with hand-painted players and cowhide leather-coated handles.


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