Live in an 'Arabian palace' in Dubai – for Dh7.5 million

If gold trim is your thing then this is the place for you

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When spending millions of dirhams on a property you want to do all that you can to make sure the right choice is made.

Part of the decision making process is whether to play it safe and go for the home with the neutral interior, or give in to that nagging urge to go all out.

Certainly in this case, going all out means residing in your very own Arabian palace.

For buyers more used to moving in Western social circles, just imagine the reaction when friends, family and acquaintances get a first glimpse of this villa in the appropriately (albeit not particularly originally) named The Villa community in Dubai.

Click through the gallery above to see inside the opulent home. 

The reaction wouldn't necessarily be positive, as, let's be honest, this is an acquired taste, but you would at least be assured of receiving a reaction.

So, whether you like it not, there's no doubt this villa makes a statement, and from clever utilisation of the interior pictures at least, the new owner could lay claim via social media posting to actually live in a palace, such is the opulence on show here.

Without seeing the exterior you might think this is a property created by and for the super-rich, with a price tag upwards of Dh20 million, when it fact it comes in at a more humble Dh7.5m.

From the exterior you can see why – it is attractive but far from extravagant.

Located in the Dubailand district, The Villa community is one that has slipped under the radar compared to the likes of Arabian Ranches and Jumeirah Golf Estates. That however means the potential for better value for money.

The villa is made up of family-sized properties set within several clusters, with this one set in the Hacienda segment.

Buyers can choose from readymade homes sold by the developer, of go for a plot and build their own dream "palace" like this one, which is spread across 10,208 sq ft.

The arched doorways and earthy colours are fairly typical of the villa scene in Dubai, although the blue-tinted glass may be another acquired taste.

It's the triple living room that grabs all of the attention with its abundance of gold and dramatic chandeliers. For those who like the area and layout but prefer a calmer ambiance, the bespoke pieces only come with the villa if desired.

The other rooms take a major divergence in the style stakes – the kitchen has a sleek black and white colour scheme with glossy cabinets, while each of the six bedrooms has their own tone. There's also a basement that can be set up as a games room or entertainment area.

Outdoors, a substantial pool is included alongside an area of lawn for lazy family days.

The villa has a 10,208 sq ft built-up area. Courtesy
The villa has a 10,208 sq ft built-up area. Courtesy

Q&A: Ruth Harris,

Why is The Villa an underrated community? Why isn’t it considered one of the ‘Usual Suspects’ such as Arabian Ranches?

I'm not sure. It has fantastic road networks, it is actually 10km closer to Dubai International Airport than Arabian Ranches and Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE), closer to DIFC and only 1km further from Business Bay than JGE.

It is mature, and green, and yet I feel it has become one of those areas that brokers have talked down because they didn't know enough about it. As Dubai expands out to Cherrywoods and Arabian Ranches III, I believe that this area will blossom.

The interior is an acquired taste – will it put off potential buyers?

Interiors are always an acquired taste, and the beauty of this property is that nothing that has been done is structural so it could be changed to fit a new owner's taste.

What kind of rent would this property generate if the buyer didn’t want to live in it?

It's a large property. I feel that Dh300k would be achievable.

What does this estate have that others, such as Jumeirah Golf Estates, doesn’t?

The Al Habtoor Polo Club is on its doorstep. All the facilities of the Golf Club at JGE but with hotel rooms. It has a Spinneys – an expat favourite! – and is just a charming neighbourhood. I think the key thing about The Villa though is that the homes are very well-priced. For the sizes that the villas cover, you're getting an incredible amount of building for your money.