Dubai's version of St Tropez: Inside a Dh20 million Bulgari Mansion

The emirate's property scene doesn't get much more exclusive than Jumeirah Bay Island

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Luxury private island, exclusive residences, designer branding and a multi-million dirham price tag.

Is this the ideal Dubai home for the jet set?

The Bulgari Mansions on Jumeirah Bay Island have more than a whiff of St Tropez about them with a nearby sandy cove and marina, but while the fisherman's theme is prevalent, this is more superyacht territory than wooden rowing boat.

For buyers looking to cast their net in this direction, they will have to produce a haul of Dh20.5 million for this particular mansion.

And for that amount there is plenty to set tongues wagging, it is located in one of just six hotel and residential projects by Bulgari in the world, and the mansion itself is one of just 15 in this particular community.

The trendy branding is continued with the design, which has been carried out by renowned architecture house Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.

Whereas one may have expected the interior to have been given the lavish styling treatment given the Bulgari-link, the understated contemporary fishing village vibe is actually very welcome.

The enormous floor to ceiling windows have been given a blue-ish tint as if to mirror the blue waters found off the Dubai coast. Clearly this wouldn't work somewhere such as the North Atlantic where the skies are eternally grey and the waters, shall we say, less clear.

The stone facade on the outside gives way to wooden floors on the inside and an open plan living area downstairs that includes two statement features.

The first is a large pillar in the middle of the room that stands like the mast of a ship ready to have its sails unfurled in preparation for the high seas. Secondly, there's the sweeping wooden staircase which floats over part of the living space.

While the blue furnishings and white walls keep the place feeling cool in the summer months, the greys and browns add warmth for the winter – though just remember this is Dubai where the sea is unlikely to be crashing on the rocks and the wind whistling down the chimney as you huddle up to stave off the elements.

The suggestion that this property is for the jet set is backed up by there being only three bedrooms. Now, not all people need more than three bedrooms, though it could be restrictive for permanent residents with family.

The kitchen too is on the small side, but for well-heeled clientele who prefer to dine out this would be no issue, especially with all of the Bulgari Resort facilities, which include the yacht club and restaurants, accessible.

Outside, the mansion has its own pool, a stone deck and lawn among lush landscaping which completes the 10,525 sq ft plot.

For buyers seeking a property that they can sail almost right up to in their mega yacht, dine in five-star luxury on their doorstep and then have plenty of privacy, this could easily be catch of the day.

The view out across the Bulgari Resort. Courtesy
The view out across the Bulgari Resort. Courtesy

Q&A: Sam Lange, private client adviser at

If you took away the Bulgari branding, would this still be a Dh20m property?

Even without the branding, these residences are defined by three key attributes: exclusivity, security and limited availability. Even when you take out the brand, the entire concept of this island is one that cannot be matched by any development in Dubai.

The kitchen is very small … is this a property for those who dine out a lot?

The mansion is the perfect family home. The kitchen pictured above is small, but designed to excellent specifications with high-quality appliances installed. It has everything you need to cook an excellent dinner for the family or to entertain a small party of guests. The accompanying staff quarters are quite spacious, featuring a maid's room, a driver's room and a service kitchen for the heavier meal prep and cooking.

Where would Jumeirah Bay Island stand in Dubai’s luxury rankings?

Personally, I rank this island as the top place in Dubai. Not only does it feature one of only six Bulgari Hotels by LVMH, the island also has plots for sale which cater only to the most exclusive clientele and have specific design guidelines, ensuring that this is one of Dubai's most architecturally beautiful communities. This is not a product designed purely for style, it is one that has been carefully crafted for those with a keen appreciation for the finer things in life, who enjoy complete privacy and like to mingle with like-minded people.

How much would the property command on the rental market?

These properties rarely come out for rent as they have mostly been purchased as a primary or secondary home. That being said, there have been offers north of Dh1m.