Dubai's most unique property? Inside a Dh28m 'modernist' Jumeirah villa

This is one of the UAE's more attention-grabbing homes

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Feeling of spaciousness? It's 20,000 square feet and that's just the house.

Horizontal lines? You could land a helicopter on that flat roof.

White or neutral palette? White floors, white ceilings, white walls and white exterior – even the curtains and blinds are mostly white.

Asymmetrical compositions? There's angles here you probably didn't know existed.

Large windows? There's enough glass to fit out an entire street.

What do you get when you put it all together?

The correct answer is modernist architecture – and it can be found right in the middle of Dubai.

Not only that, this extraordinary hunk of property is also on the market, and could be yours for Dh28 million.

Whether it is a modernist masterpiece is one for the art experts to deliberate, but to the eager homebuyer with a big budget, this is certainly one of the most attention-grabbing properties in the city.

Let's start with the location, which is the peaceful Al Manara suburb of Jumeirah. This is a short drive to Dubai's main thoroughfare, Sheikh Zayed Road, and just a few minutes from Kite Beach and the Burj Al Arab.

Then there's the greeting you are given once through the gates of the corner plot. A disc-like canopy resembling an extraterrestrial craft from Area 51 instantly gives you a taste of what's to come, as well as much-needed shade over the entrance.

It's apparent from this vantage point that there is nothing square in the design, and there's an abundance of glass – including one whole front wall.

Once inside, it gets even more interesting. The modernism is paired with a 1980s vibe (what a time to be alive!), all swirls and swooshes, black against white, chequers and stripes. Every room is like a retro work of art. A dash of colour here, a starkly bare wall over there.

Standout features include the kitchen which has a circular cooking station on a central island, while a colour-co-ordinated grand piano sits under a black and white staircase.

Everywhere you look there are lines – on the walls, on the ceilings and floors, snaking along like a subway map or veins coursing through the body of the house. It almost has a dizzying effect before calm is restored when you step into the rear garden.

Here you find an abundance of foliage, a wooden bridge over a stream and pathways with a reward at the end, for there are two outhouses set within the grounds.

These aren't just garden sheds either. One is home to a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, bathed in blue light from the glass panelling on the wall. The other, just adding to the myriad surprises this property offers, is a stone tavern with a wood-finished bar and lounge.

Is it time to raise a toast to this unique Dubai home?

The stone tavern in the garden. Courtesy
The stone tavern in the garden. Courtesy

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Does this property have a background story? Do we know the architect? And what was he thinking?

This spectacular home was commissioned by the current owners and was put together by a Dubai-based Italian firm. With a fusion of modernist and contemporary design, the architect has brought to life the owner's vision.

Is modernism common in Dubai or is this a trendsetter?

When this villa was built in 2000 it was a one-of-a-kind contemporary property, breaking all barriers of traditional Arabesque style villas. This villa is definitely a trend setter and is very unique for Dubai.

Should it be updated or left as it is?

The new owner may want to make some updates to the interiors and garden or indeed they may prefer to live in it as it is. The floor plan is perfect for a large family with a separate female and male majlis as well as a family area on the first floor. All bedrooms are carefully positioned throughout the house for maximum privacy.

Who would this type of property suit?

As this is a Jumeirah property, only GCC nationals can purchase it. The property is built for comfort and entertaining with plenty of liveable area over two floors, a large 35,000 square feet plot, with external structures for extra entertaining and privacy, as well as plenty of staff quarters. This property is perfect for a small or large family.