Dubai property with a twist: Inside the Dh45m Cayan Tower penthouse

The iconic tower has treats on the inside as well as on the outside

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If you want to make a statement with your property decor, put a horse in your lounge.

If you want to go one further than that, then how about residing with said horse in Dubai Marina's Cayan Tower.

"Doesn't Robbie Williams have one of those in his LA house," quipped one of The National's sharpest pair of eyes.

Indeed he does - or certainly did - and that one of Britain's most recognised pop celebrities shares such taste surely makes this place potentially an even groovier prospect.

The penthouse, on the 71st floor of the 75-floor tower, has recently entered the market with, and for a new owner to take over the reins they will have to ride in with Dh45 million.

The tower has become one of the kingpins of the Dubai skyline since it opened in 2013, originally as Infinity Tower. It is the tallest building in the world that has a 90-degree spiral, and had each floor rotated 1.2 degrees during the construction process to create the twisting facade.

If the design doesn't make your head spin, then being 300 metres up may just take a bit of getting used to, especially as it enjoys 360-degree panoramas encompassing Palm Jumeirah, the Marina, and out towards the Downtown district. Look out, just don't look down.

The interior is predominantly white and so remains bright and airy, and is aided by the floor to ceiling windows - and not just any windows are these. They feature high-performance glass which minimises glare and solar radiation - plus they are also the access point to eight balconies located around the property.

While the kitchen is starkly white, it is a brighter story elsewhere with bespoke art pieces brought in from around the world.

And then there's the bedrooms, which come with their own city-inspired theme, from Miami to Monaco to Paris to Rio. It's like a global tour that can be taken in across the 11,000 sq ft of the penthouse (and would be quicker on horseback if only that ornamental version could raise a gallop).

The master bedroom meanwhile is an exception as that comes without the added culture lesson but does have an elevated Jacuzzi from which you can view the ocean and his and hers dressing rooms.

The lounge area. Courtesy
The lounge area. Courtesy

Beyond the architectural splendor of the exterior - and the many creative touches inside - are a few of the "must-have" features found among Dubai's stable of multi-million pound properties.

They are: a home gym, a spa, a home cinema with three-tier seating and a video and sound system used in LucasFilm Studios, plus a nightclub-style lounge for party time.

Bold on the inside, bold on the outside. And if you were wondering, the horse lamp is manufactured by Mooi and costs in the region of Dh17,000.

Q&A: Andrew Cummings, managing director

Is Cayan Tower the jewel in the crown of the Dubai Marina high-rises?

It is the most visually striking building in the Marina, and is definitely among Dubai's most iconic works of architecture. It is an instant talking point for guests of residents, even before they have set foot in the lobby. That alone gives it a sense of prestige, but when you factor in the excellent location and the breathtaking views from each of the residences, it really is a magnificent place to call home.

Does the shape of the building affect the living experience in any way?

While the outer design of Cayan Tower is quite unconventional, the interior has been laid out in a simple cylindrical shape so that it remains unaffected by the twist and residents can live freely without worrying about which way their apartment is angled.

DUBAI , UNITED ARAB EMIRATES , October 28  – 2019 :- Exterior view of the Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina  in Dubai. Lot of residents are facing building issues due to outstanding service charges by landlords.  ( Pawan Singh / The National )  For News. Story by Kelly Clarke
The twisting facade of Cayan Tower as seen from below. Pawan Singh / The National

How much would this property rent for?

A property as fine as this is designed with buyers in mind, a place that one can call home or a second home, at least. There are no plans for it to be rented in the foreseeable future.

Does the lampshade horse come with the property?

This penthouse is on the market fully furnished, but it might take some convincing for the owner to part with a piece like that!