The weird and wonderful outfits rocking London street style

London Fashion Week shines a spotlight on the quirky and unique looks that can be seen across the city

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Fashion week isn’t fashion week without the parade of fabulous outfits on the streets of London. While things have been heavily dialled back out of respect for the death of Queen Elizabeth II, this has not meant that people have not dressed up.

Amid the many quirky and unique looks — modesty prevents sharing the most outlandish here, but needless to say, they risked catching a chill — a few outfits have really stood out.

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One look consisted of a model wearing a hijab in grey, with wide-legged trousers, an oversized blazer and a flowing, patterned shirt dress. In varying tones of grey, she looked incredibly chic.

Bubblegum pink and matching hair at London Fashion Week. Sarah Maisey / The National

At the Halpern show, one woman was spotted wearing Qasimi, the label founded by the late Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi.

She wore the Don’t shoot T-shirt, which references the war in Lebanon, along with a durag and black pencil skirt. The T-shirt has also been reissued several times to help raise funds for children in Palestine and most recently, those in need in Lebanon.

While the Middle East is very much about glamour and the highest of heels, in contrast, London style is the opposite. It's about looking artfully mismatched, and mixing high with low.

This season, seemingly no colours have been off limits, with three different people spotted in neon yellow, while hot bubblegum pink has made several appearances as an oversized suit, an equally large jumper, a skirt under a red coat and as a checked shirt.

Royal blue is also having a moment, as a huge sack dress at Molly Goddard, a tank top over a pale yellow shirt, and not one, but three men all wearing it as denim cut jackets.

There were subtle nods to the late Queen Elizabeth II — a favourite being the Union Jack painted on to the back of jean jackets, while other flourishes arrive as bleached denim folded over boots, a man wearing what appeared to be tights on his head, and even a woman arriving with a matching toddler.

A real-life bride and groom outside the Halpern show in London. Sarah Maisey / The National

However, the most glorious thing about fashion week, is that really anything goes. A couple were spotted in a wedding dress and groom's suit outside the Halpern show, and were assumed to be part of the runway show.

It took us all a few moments to realise they had just got married and were actually having their wedding pictures taken. Long live fashion!

Updated: September 21, 2022, 3:46 PM