Dubai property of the week: Dh50 million jewel among Pearl Jumeirah villas

Have you ever seen a home quite like this?

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There is no doubt that the UAE is home to some spectacular properties. From penthouse apartments to plush villas with sprawling gardens and incredible pools, it’s a real estate haven.

Each week, The National showcases some of the finest homes on offer in its Property of the Week. Here, we take a closer look at a villa on Dubai's Pearl Jumeirah island.

The key details

This somewhat unique property has eight bedrooms and is spread across 10,699 square feet. It comes with a six-car garage, smart home security, and triple glass for temperature control and privacy.

There's also the standard inclusions of high-end Dubai villas: Jacuzzis, bar, gym, games room, and an indoor and outdoor pool.

It's on the market with for Dh50 million.

What's the story?

Variety is the spice of life, right? Indeed, it would be boring if we all looked the same, drove the same car and lived in identical houses.

So, if there's the opportunity to break the architectural mould, then why not?

And that's exactly what's going on here with this quite remarkable piece of design. For anyone walking past, be prepared to stop and stare, especially at night when the jewel facade changes colour.

While it wouldn't look out of place as a portal through to the Upside Down in an episode of Stranger Things, there are other character features within the property.

These include a waterfall in the lobby area and a spiral staircase with triple glass, and for entertaining guests, there is a rooftop bar and view of the Burj Khalifa.

Then, down in the basement is a three-bedroom guesthouse and nightclub complete with DJ booth, dance floor and swimming pools.

It's a versatile creation, be it for living in for a large family, a work of art or as a holiday home to unwind in with friends.

What the broker says ...

Have you seen anything quite like the jewel facade in Dubai before?

This is architectural merit in its truest form. No, I can honestly say I have not seen the like of this in Dubai and indeed it is absolutely unique. The fenestration system has been very cleverly designed to keep the heat out while allowing light to flood in, adding a valuable functional element to go along with the aesthetic.

What does it add to the everyday living experience?

The incredible design of this home creates a sense of wonder and is a testament to human ingenuity. This is very much a conversation piece for anyone who comes to visit. But aside from that, in terms of the everyday experience, it brings in an abundance of light throughout the day, making you feel refreshed and relaxed at all times.

The basement sounds more like a nightclub than a home …

That is the beauty of a home like this – its versatility. It might have the look of a nightclub, and indeed it could serve as the perfect party venue for any singletons that wish to purchase this villa. But it is very much a family home, and I could envision that as the setting for lavish birthday parties for your children, or simply a place to unwind with your friends while the kids play upstairs.

One can picture the sort of residence this could be – the squeals of delight as young children play alongside the large pool while mummy is getting some exercise in the lap pool. The billiard room might be better served by a ping-pong table, and the nightclub aspect can certainly be toned down to give it a more "for all ages" atmosphere.

Is Pearl Jumeirah the ideal spot in Dubai to build your dream home from scratch?

Pearl Jumeirah is one of the hidden luxury gems of Dubai, if you will pardon the play on words. It enjoys an enviable location only minutes from Downtown Dubai, with the most stunning views of the skyline and the sea. It really is, as its name suggests, the pearl of Jumeirah, and is in my view the perfect setting for a lovingly crafted family residence.

- Darren Jarvis, Senior Private Client Advisor,

Updated: November 03, 2021, 5:05 AM