Lewis Hamilton in Dubai: Formula One star shares video of daring solo skydiving stunt

The seven-time motor racing champion said he's been practising for a couple of years

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Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, known for his love of extreme sports, has shared a video of himself displaying his skydiving skills in a daring solo jump off a SkyDive Dubai plane.

In a clip posted to Instagram on Sunday, the British racing driver, 36, can be seen jumping off a plane over the Dubai desert unassisted. He performs a number of flips and manoeuvres as the cameraman, who seems to be his instructor, appears to guide him.

Hamilton then salutes to the camera before releasing his parachute.

"I've been learning to skydive over the past couple of years. It's one of my favourite things to do in my spare time," the seven-time champion posted along with the video on Instagram.

"This is me trying for the first time flying on my back, which I was useless at. After this, I went to spend time in the wind tunnel to practice. I'll post that next to show you my progression."

It is not clear when the footage was taken.

This isn't the first time Hamilton has posted a skydiving video. Earlier in 2019, he shared a clip of himself performing aerial stunts, also solo, in Qatar.

"This is my favourite thing to do currently," he wrote at the time. "The reason I skydive is I love that there are really no limits in free fall. It’s incredible to just let your mind free, remove all doubt and any insecurities you may be feeling in life and jump.

"I think in life many of us don't take that leap because of fear, something of which holds us back from greatness," he said. "Don't let fear dictate your life. You can do anything you put your mind to, I truly believe that."

Hamilton, who has said surfing is his second favourite sport after skydiving, has spoken in the past about how his thrill-seeking activities have been a concern for his family and Formula One team.

"My family give me stick all the time about my extreme sports," he told The Sun in 2017. "I have a responsibility to my team and sponsors who work hard – I would not jeopardise that. F1 means too much to me, there's a very big difference between having fun and taking unnecessary risks."

Hamilton finished seventh at the Monaco Grand Prix last week, leaving Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen to lead the world championship for the first time this season.


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