Justin Bieber feels the love

A round up of the best tweets from the celebrity world. Ryan Seacrest isn't afraid of a good name-dropping and Toby Young cheers on The Hurt Locker's big night.

"It all started with youtube and now we r on this ride. Im still the small town kid that posted some vids. still excited. still greatful." His spelling might be out but the 15-year-old Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber has been hovering as a top trending topic on Twitter all week. February 20. "James Cameron walks away empty-handed tonight, but he wins my bafta for Best Ex-Wife. Go Bigelow!" The British journalist Toby Young cheers on The Hurt Locker's big night. February 21.

"Just chatted with president clinton. He said to expect tears of joy at chelseas wedding." Ryan Seacrest isn't afraid of a good name-dropping. February 22. "Respect for children who burst into tears when a fork is not exactly in the right place. What perfectionism we have to abandon with age." Alain de Botton looks back with a heavy sigh. February 22. "Link to a clip from Larry King's interview." The new twitterer the Dalai Lama posts a link and demonstrates a quick, technological grasp on the site. February 23.

"I hear that Gordon Brown's favourite restaurant is El Bulli..." The art critic Waldemar Januszczak tosses out just one of several Tweetosphere jokes about the British prime minister. February 23. "In bed reading @jackiejcollins new book she just sent me called Poor Little Rich Girl Love this book! She is such an amazing author! :)" Oh, the sweet irony. Paris Hilton turns literary critic. February 23.