Whodunnit? You can now take part in Zoom murder mystery parties in the UAE

You'll spend the evening solving clues, completing challenges and being entertained by costumed actors

Zoom has more than proved its versatility since global lockdowns were introduced amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Everything from friend's birthday parties to quiz nights to weddings can now be conducted on the conference calling app, and now a UAE events company is using it to offer murder mystery dinners.

In The Detail Events has just announced a new concept, a customised murder mystery party, where you can spend the evening solving clues, completing challenges and being entertained by costumed actors.

Led by two or more actors, one playing the detective leading the guests through the game, and others playing as game characters, the murder mystery party lasts about three hours.

Each party can involve from six to 16 players and there are eight murder mystery themes to choose from. You'll then be led through a succession of riddles and clues to solve as you try to figure out the night's culprit.

In The Detail Events will provide e-reader friendly suggestion sheets, game scripts and evidence information, so there's no need for printing.

Players are encouraged to dress up to get into character (your character will depend on your game theme) and cook a dinner to eat on the Zoom call that corresponds with the theme of the night. Recipes to do-it-yourself will be provided in your information pack, or there are catering packages available.

"With social distancing set to continue, and families and friends spread around the globe, we wanted to create a unique dinner party experience that would transport guests to another world (even within the confines of their living room). All games have been designed with maximum fun in mind and cleverly adapted to the Zoom set-up," Charlotte Harverson, owner of In The Detail Events, says.

Prices start from Dh900 and go up depending on the number of guests and the package chosen. Contact hello@inthedetaileventsuae.com for more information.